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It was totally unexpected, like all good things that happen when travelling. Thomas Meyer turned a pair of pants into a denim jacket, and the first Desigual garment was born. His call to break fashion rules was a true act of creativity. Those patchwork jackets sold out and became the symbol of a revolution that is still without a name.

Then, just like an unforgettable journey, came his friends with their vibrant ideas: Isabel Coixet whispered a word, Desigual, because it was unlike anything else, it was new, different, original. National Design Award recipient, Peret, scribbled down an initial logo, the Robots. And in 1986, the first Desigual store became the meeting point for lots of people intrigued by that free, genuine, optimistic, carefree and Mediterranean universe that, from Barcelona, still inspires the whole world, three decades on.

This is how our brand was created. Yet, Desigual is much more than that, and our commitment was clear right away: we are proud to say that we are a challenge to conventions. The example that authenticity can be actually worn. A journey into the future. The first brand that was created with a precise goal: dressing people, not bodies.

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